Who We Are

"Tecla is a project. A symbol of aggregation. A flag of many colors that unites hundreds of nations. A dream that arises from sharing any experiences of life. We were taught that we need to know languages to communicate with all the inhabitants of the world But, on the contrary, we believe in the universal language of emotions. They always find their way. We believe that a smile can convey more than a correct translation. We believe that the language can be learned spontaneously, when we are motivated by our strong will. Our need to expose ourselves, to socialize, to communicate with the world is deeply rooted in our humanity. That's why we believe in the power of emotions. Because they are the reason why we live. We love. We continue to learn. Live Love Learn are three different words but synonyms of our dream: That is see you live, smile, learn, regardless of language, skin color or social status. Tecla is unification.
Tecla is a dream made of us. "S.R.